When performing regular IPL hair reduction treatments, energy is released through single pulses with as high an energy density as possible. The papilla absorbs the entire energy, and is supposed to be heated up to around 70 degrees within a short time, which destroys the hair follicle in the process. Since the skin also contains melanin, however, it also absorbs that energy something which is not actually desired. That is why this method of treatment is often regarded as being painful and unpleasant with the ability of getting unwanted side effects.


  • Fast hair removal up to 5Hz
  • Painless Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
  • New Anti-Aging Full Body Treatment
  • With SHR technology the hair reduction methodology that involves the hair pigment uses only 50 per cent of the energy for permanent hair reduction.
  • The remaining 50 per cent is absorbed into the stem cells responsible for hair production through the skin during treatment with SHR technology.
  • With SHR technology one does not need single pulses with high energy. The skin is worked six to ten times using low energy but with high frequency.
  • This procedure is referred to as “in-Motion” technology, because the hand piece is moved over the treated area in sliding movements.(Unlike previous IPL technology called “stamp technology”.)
  • Using the SHR technology the skin is heated gently through the melanin and the stem cells with low energy (48 degrees) but with high frequency.
  • In that way even lighter and finer hair can be treated and removed permanently in a better way. With IPL technology the skin is heated up to 70 degrees.
  • Treatment with SHR technology is fast, very effective and almost painless.
  • The bottom-line is: Every region of your body is differently sensitive to pain, depending on the degree of hairiness and one’s own sensitivity.
  • SHR is the new virtually painless and results orientated treatment option available.


  • Hair Removal
  • Pigment Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Vascular treatment
  • Acne Removal
  • Freckle Removal
  • Skin Toning
  • Skin firming
  • Skin Tightening